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London O’Connor on Remastering O∆ with Vlado Meller

London O’Connor is getting a lot of attention for the remastered version of O∆, which Vlado handled for his new label, True Panther – London has had so many good things to say; we’re so pleased as this is what good mastering is all about!  Excerpt and link to full interview are below!

“One of the first things they [True Panther] did was they got Vlado Meller to master it so I was like, “Ahhhh!” That’s why I was so excited about the remastered version because when you listen to it, you can feel the difference. Now I kind of understand what changes when Kanye West finishes an album. Like, I knew that they had more tools, I knew that there was something they would do when they were done with it. Mastering is like color correcting a photo, but for sound, so you line up the photo, you shoot it, it’s done, and then a person color corrects it at the end. That’s mastering for an album. I think it really does make a difference. I’m happy that people are going to get to hear it this way because that was the way I always wanted them to hear it.”


Full London O’Connor Interview


Congratulations to DJ Bless who stopped by the studio to master the second “Pull the Fuckin’ Trigger” single Power,  off of their upcoming EP with Jeremy Lubsey.  Available for download from their official Never So Deep Records store below.


Pull the Fuckin’ Trigger – Power

Produced By: DJ Bless

Mastered By: Jeremy Lubsey

Store Link – http://nsddigital.com/