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Vlado Masters String of Surprise Frank Ocean Singles

Following the success of last year’s Blonde, Frank Ocean – one of music’s biggest and most critically-acclaimed stars right now – has recently released a string of surprise singles that have been praised as some of his best work. And of course, Vlado Meller was the one recruited to put the finishing sonic touches on all three songs.

The low-key “Chanel,” the Jay-Z and Tyler The Creator-featuring “Biking,” and the newest single “Lens” were all mastered by Vlado (with assistance from engineer Jeremy Lubsey), who also mastered Ocean’s groundbreaking 2012 album channel ORANGE. That album went on to be nominated for three Grammy Awards, winning for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Congratulations to Frank on the success of the new singles! We always enjoy working with his music and with his team, including engineer Caleb Laven and manager Dan Gieckel.

A Blue New Phase For The Ahn Trio

They’ve been hailed as “exacting and exciting musicians” (LA Times), invited by President Obama to perform at the White House for the 2011 State Dinner honoring South Korea, and worked with renowned artists like Pat Metheny, Michael Nyman and Mark O’Connor.

Now the classical-rooted Ahn Trio, comprised of sisters Angella, Lucia, and Maria, is set to unveil the first album on their own label, Ahn Trio Music.

Blue will be released this Saturday, April 22 to mark Earth Day and of course, they decided to once again enlist Vlado Meller (with assistance from Jeremy Lubsey) for his mastering touch, following his work on 2008’s Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac.

Here’s what the Ahn Trio had to say about working with Vlado this time around:

“Vlado Meller has done it again! After putting his magical touch on our last album Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac, he has once again sprinkled his magic on our new album Blue. We are so lucky to work with such an extraordinary master, and our music wouldn’t sing the same way without his final touches!”

Vlado himself is a big personal fan of the trio, calling their music a “beautiful interpretation of classical music in a modern and contemporary way,” and saying the “performances and arrangements on Blue are truly outstanding.”

For a taste of the Ahn Trio and Blue, check out “Insensatez”:

VMM Mourns the Loss of Tom Coyne: Words from Vlado Meller

​”I was extremely saddened to learn today about the passing of my friend Tom Coyne.

Mastering is a pretty solitary career, but Tom was always kind and collaborative. In 1980, when I was working for CBS, a producer had sought me out to work on the next Grover Washington Jr. record, but since CBS wouldn’t work with outside artists, I was unable to work on it in a traditional manner. So during my lunch break one day, I went out and walked to Frankford/Wayne Mastering to see if there was any chance they’d let me use their studio so I could master the album as a freelance project. Sure enough, Tom was incredibly accommodating, showing me the way around the studio and letting me master the whole album there.

The record ended up being Grover’s hit Winelight featuring the smash single “Just The Two Of Us”, and it exploded, going on to win multiple Grammys. If not for Tom and his generosity, I’m not sure I would’ve been a part of that record. After that project, we remained close as we moved throughout different studios and projects, often going out to lunch when he was at the Hit Factory and I was at Sony. Tom was a brilliant engineer, respected peer, and a compassionate friend, and he will be sorely missed.”

-Vlado Meller​​

Exclusive B.B. King Vinyl Collection Remastered By Vlado Meller To Be Released on Record Store Day

Monostereo & Red Bank Records have announced that the release of B.B. King – Remastered From The Archives will be exclusively available from Books-A-Million, and make its official debut on Record Store Day, April 22, 2017.

The limited-edition release will be pressed on 180-gram red vinyl, and will include liner notes and high quality download card for the tracks.

The album features newly-remastered recordings of the Blues Hall Of Famer from 1950 through 1960, taken from performances in Memphis and Los Angeles along with an all-star cast of sidemen, including drummer Jesse Sailes, saxophonists Richard Sanders and Solomon Hardy, pianists Lloyd Glenn and Ford Nelson, and The Count Basie Orchestra.

The platter is the flagship release for new label Red Bank Records, in Red Bank, NJ, home of the Count Basie Theater. The label is dedicated to remastering and restoring classic recordings from the early days of popular music. For distribution and label services, Red Bank Records has teamed up with Monostereo to bring its albums to market. 

In turn, Monostereo connected Red Bank to its mastering partner, Vlado Meller Mastering of Charleston, SC, to remaster these classic recordings for this special vinyl release. Vlado Meller is a multiple Grammy winner whose credits stretch back over four decades and include releases Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, and many more.

Read here for more on Vlado Meller’s partnership with Monostereo.

The Master’s Apprentice Steps Into The Spotlight With Allan Kingdom’s LINES

While Vlado Meller serves as the legendary namesake for Vlado Meller Mastering, engineer Jeremy Lubsey has been gaining prominence with a string of releases that bear his own name. 

 After playing saxophone as a child and all the way through college, Lubsey delved into recording technology and spent summer breaks interning at Bedford Music in Brooklyn before meeting Meller at Manhattan’s Masterdisk mastering house. This led to him cutting lacquers for more than 300+ records and getting his feet wet with mastering projects on his own.

 The latest, and one of the most high-profile releases, is Minnesota-based rapper Allan Kingdom’s LINES, which was released this past Friday. Lubsey’s working relationship with Kingdom began with Kanye West’s “All Day,” which was mastered by Vlado Meller Mastering, 

 “When Kanye sent over the mixes for ‘All Day,’ my jaw dropped when I saw Allan on the track and heard his approach to his relative small part,” Lubsey, who first heard of Kingdom through is 2014 hit “Wavey,” said. 

 Not long after that, Kingdom had his own project coming out, 2016’s Northern Lights mixtape, and needed someone to master it – and fast.

 “We needed a quick turnaround but we also needed something that would stand the test of time, and he delivers that completely,” Kingdom said. “Often when artists first get masters back, it seems louder but maybe doesn’t hold up. You listen to Jeremy’s masters over and over again and realize they still sound amazing. I don’t just applaud things for being done fast, but even when he’s on a time crunch, he really knows what he’s doing.”

 The project was a dream come true for Lubsey, and earlier this year he was asked to master another Kingdom album, again with a quick turnaround.

 “The quality of fresh new music on Northern Lights is the reason why I get up and go to work,” Lubsey said. “His latest body of work, LINES, definitely takes it to another level. His vocal approach, flow, and production choices are a breath of fresh air and really set him apart from the rest.”

 Kingdom seems to agree with that notion, saying LINES has a much more “international” feel (with songs recorded in London, New York, Los Angeles, among other locations) compared to the more “regional” feel of Northern Lights.

 Aside from Kingdom, Lubsey has worked on a number of diverse projects by artists including Norah Jones, Jim Campilongo, The Nth Power, Sutter Kain, Khris Royal, Yombe, and Phebe Starr. But his work with an up-and-coming star like Kingdom is something he won’t soon forget.

“I certainly consider his projects as milestones in my career, and I’m so proud of the work that we’ve done together.”