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Kansas Recruits Vlado For Leftoverture Live & Beyond


Classic rock titans Kansas are back with the Leftoverture Live & Beyond, a collection of live performances pulled from their ongoing 40th anniversary tour. The set, featuring hits like “Dust in the Wind” and “Carry On Wayward Son,” finds the rockers working with longtime producer Jeff Glixman, who helmed the original Leftoverture LP back in 1976.

Glixman detailed the unique recording and mixing process that happened with the album, and why Vlado – who he regularly worked with while at Sony Music Studios – was the perfect man for the job.

Vlado Meller and Jeff Glixman at Sony Music Studios, December 2004

​”​When we decided to move forward with this project, we knew it was to going to be a sonic challenge​: ​12 shows, 2 hours of music each in 12 different venues – and the entire thing recorded ‘blind’ directly from the on-stage head amp to .wav files on a computer with no monitoring whatsoever​,” Glixman said.​ It was imperative that the finished project had continuity and provided the listener with the sensation of being at one show, although in fact the tracks are from a variety of performances.

​”​We felt selecting the best takes, as they were performed, was the most realistic way to achieve this goal; there was no re-recording after the fact.​ ​Approaching the mix in this fashion, it was critical that my point of reference was accurate. As such, the first thing I did was mix a track from one of the shows and send it to Vlado. My trust in his ears and talent is supreme; this mastered track became my reference for every mix that followed.

​”​As with all my projects; when it’s time to let it go and hand my work over for the final creative process; I always turn to Vlado!​”​

​Vlado was similarly excited to reunite wit​h the group, who he caught up with backstage in early December at a show in Charleston.

Vlado Meller and founding Kansas member Phil Ehart

​”​It was my pleasure and privilege to work on this live project​, as​ ​they were my favor​ite​ band in my early days at CBS Records​,” Vlado said. “​Furthermore I worked with Jeff on various projects at Sony and Universal. I knew his wor​k and​ his sound​ very well​, so I was ​thrilled when he called me to master t​his ​new Kansas live album.​”

Visit http://www.kansasband.com/​ for more info on Leftoverture Live & Beyond.​

Vlado on Engelbert Humperdinck’s The Man I Want To Be

Recording legend Engelbert Humperdinck’s brand new album The Man I Want To Be is billed as “a love-letter to his wife of 53 years”, and includes songs from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Willie Nelson, Jon Allen, Richard Marx, and more.

The album’s been getting positive buzz, with the Associated Press saying “Humperdinck has created a heartfelt album anchored in archetypal orchestrations and honest, unspoiled performances of well-chosen songs.”

To help him complete the album, Humperdinck’s team reached out to a fellow longstanding industry legend, Vlado Meller, who had previously worked with producer Jurgen Korduletsch.

“I’d worked with Jurgen in the early 1980s at CBS Records, when he was independent producer/engineer and chose me as his mastering/cutting engineer,” Vlado said. “He now has his own label and wanted me to master his new big project – and here we are with a brand new album from the legend himself, Engelbert Humperdinck.”

For more info, please visit: http://www.engelbert.com/​

Yombe and Vlado Meller Mastering Continue Their GOOOD Partnership

Yombe’s aptly titled GOOOD, featuring icy soul singles “Nothing New To Me” and “Tonight” was recorded and mixed by the duo themselves, and has been garnering a great deal of buzz around its November release.

 For GOOOD, its first full-length album, the up-and-coming electro-pop duo from Napoli sought out Vlado Meller Mastering – specifically mastering engineer Jeremy Lubsey, who previously worked on their 2016 EP.

 GOOOD is mostly influenced by black music, soul and R&B, and that’s why we chose Vlado Meller Mastering to finalize the album,” YOMBE said. “We love Jeremy’s touch, he always knows what to do with our songs! Every time he works on our music, we feel a huge improvement.”

 Yombe’s eclectic stew of styles was particularly appealing to Jeremy.

 “I always enjoy working with Cyen and Alfredo of YOMBE on their new material,” Jeremy said. “Their production style – synthesizing R&B, electro-pop, and dance music – is always refreshing. My initial play through of their tracks is always full of sonic surprises both texturally and arrangement-wise. To this day, I’m still finding elements I love about their tracks and this group.”

Listen to GOOOD’s Nothing New To Me” for a taste of Yombe, or listen in full on Spotify.