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2020 Charleston Mastering Workshop Series - March 20, 21, 22

Apply Now or contact Paul West at Info@VladoMastering.com / (818) 571-2768

When it came to mastering their new album Holomráz , Rising Czech Republic pop duo Slza – consisting of Lukáš Bundil on guitar and Petr Lexa on vocals – decided to recruit a music legend who hailed from their neck of the woods.

Vlado Meller, who grew up in Czechoslovakia before moving to New York City in the 1960s to begin his career in the music industry, put his mastering expertise to work (along with assistant engineer Jeremy Lubsey) on the group’s bouncy, richly textured pop anthems.

” When listening to Vlado’s work I can feel the experience, expert knowledge and the sense of putting the right finishing touches, which enhance my mix ,” said Dalibor Cindlinský Jr ., who produced and mixed Holomráz .   I like the fact that the final master is dynamic and doesn’t ruin my artistic intention. Vlado’s approach is very inspirational to me. I’m really looking forward to our next collaboration. ”

Vlado shared Dalibor’s enthusiasm on the music, and the bond that he felt over the region they both have called home.

“For me it was a kind of special mastering project, since it originated from the country where I was born,” Vlado said. “Prague is where the band is from and where I attended college before emigrating to the US. I was happy to hear an exciting Czech pop album and honored that they discovered and asked me to master it. In recent years there have been a few more albums coming my way from this area, including Slovakia and even one from the town where I grew up.  After all these years I learned that my hometown listens to my work, and that really felt special.”

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