Monostereo & Red Bank Records have announced that the release of B.B. King – Remastered From The Archives will be exclusively available from Books-A-Million, and make its official debut on Record Store Day, April 22, 2017.

The limited-edition release will be pressed on 180-gram red vinyl, and will include liner notes and high quality download card for the tracks.

The album features newly-remastered recordings of the Blues Hall Of Famer from 1950 through 1960, taken from performances in Memphis and Los Angeles along with an all-star cast of sidemen, including drummer Jesse Sailes, saxophonists Richard Sanders and Solomon Hardy, pianists Lloyd Glenn and Ford Nelson, and The Count Basie Orchestra.

The platter is the flagship release for new label Red Bank Records, in Red Bank, NJ, home of the Count Basie Theater. The label is dedicated to remastering and restoring classic recordings from the early days of popular music. For distribution and label services, Red Bank Records has teamed up with Monostereo to bring its albums to market. 

In turn, Monostereo connected Red Bank to its mastering partner, Vlado Meller Mastering of Charleston, SC, to remaster these classic recordings for this special vinyl release. Vlado Meller is a multiple Grammy winner whose credits stretch back over four decades and include releases Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, and many more.

Read here for more on Vlado Meller’s partnership with Monostereo.

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