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*Master of His Trade: Feedback From Vlado Workshops*

There may be countless YouTube tutorials and books that try to educate
aspiring audio professionals on the complex art of mastering, but nothing
comes close to face-to-face, hands-on experience with one of the field’s
all-time legends.

Vlado Meller’s workshops, which take place in state-of-the-art studio in
his new home base of Charleston, South Carolina, a few times each year,
consist of three days of intense mastering training led by Vlado, who
delves into all of his mastering secrets and stories from more than four
decades in the industry. (For more information on Vlado’sworkshops, head
over to the Workshops section.

For more insight on why these workshops are a huge step above all other
forms of mastering training, just read what those who have experienced them
firsthand have to say about their time with the master himself:

“Vlado was so generous with sharing his knowledge, with no ego. I’ve
followed him for 15 years, so to have him that open about sharing his
secrets was fantastic.There was so much information through the three days
that I almost needed a break to really digest all of it. The length of each
day was perfect, as was the length of the workshop. After three days of the
workshop, I felt like I needed to go back and apply what I’ve learned on my
own projects, but now I’m really wanting to come back to South Carolina and
spend an afternoon watching Vlado master. ”
*- Kent Hooper (January 2015 workshop)*

“I learned a lot of very practical and sometimes technical information, but
we were able to have such a feeling of camaraderie and exploration
throughout the workshop. It was definitely an immersive experience; both
working together in the studio and also just sitting around discussing the
issues of mastering and the music business. It could have been very
intimidating, but you guys created a relaxed, warm environment of learning
and discussion.”
*- Collin Jordan (March 2015 workshop)*

“What I was hoping to achieve was just to study Vlado’s approach and study
how he gets his results in mastering. People can tell you different things
and different theories but to actually see it done and get that hands-on
experience was just priceless, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of
this program and to get this type of experience hands-on from a legendary
mastering engineer.”
*- Eiton Noyze (March 2014 workshop)*

“It’s been absolutely fabulous – the whole gang has been awesome. To hear
the stories about [Vlado] working with music icons and legends, from the
artists to the producers to the labels – on an international level as well,
not just the ones we know here in America…he has a very deep history in
mastering, and he’s one of the nicest guys around as well. It’s been a
great experience on a personal level and a technical level.”
*- Harry Hess (March 2014 workshop)*

“I think it’s worth any travel. I traveled a long way to be here and I
don’t regret it for one minute. If someone’s thinking about coming here and
thinking about doing it, you definitely should do it. It’s worth each of
the eight hours at least a day we spend here with Vlado.”
*- Philipp Welsing (March 2014 workshop)*

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