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2020 Charleston Mastering Workshop Series - March 20, 21, 22

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London O’Connor is getting a lot of attention for the remastered version of O∆, which Vlado handled for his new label, True Panther – London has had so many good things to say; we’re so pleased as this is what good mastering is all about!  Excerpt and link to full interview are below!

“One of the first things they [True Panther] did was they got Vlado Meller to master it so I was like, “Ahhhh!” That’s why I was so excited about the remastered version because when you listen to it, you can feel the difference. Now I kind of understand what changes when Kanye West finishes an album. Like, I knew that they had more tools, I knew that there was something they would do when they were done with it. Mastering is like color correcting a photo, but for sound, so you line up the photo, you shoot it, it’s done, and then a person color corrects it at the end. That’s mastering for an album. I think it really does make a difference. I’m happy that people are going to get to hear it this way because that was the way I always wanted them to hear it.”


Full London O’Connor Interview

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