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CHARLESTON, S.C. – January 31, 2017: Mastering legend Vlado Meller and independent one-stop and distributor, Monostereo have announced a strategic partnership, which makes Vlado Meller Mastering the iconic company’s go-to source for vinyl mastering and lacquer cutting. Monostereo is also partnering with Truphonic Recording, the world-class studio in Charleston, S.C. where Meller masters albums by artists from around the world.

Monostereo, family-owned and operated since 1974, specializes in wholesale distribution of vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Turntables, and music accessories. Beginning as a small chain of record stores in Long Island, Monostereo has been developing and growing for over 40 years.

Meller’s career has spanned 40+ years and has included work with diverse recordings from Kanye West, Metallica, Frank Ocean, Paul McCartney, Shakira, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, Celine Dion and many more. After many years at Sony and Universal, he now operates Vlado Meller Mastering from Truphonic Recording Studios in Charleston, SC.

“By partnering with Vlado Meller, we’re working with someone who truly understands how to prepare albums for vinyl, a nearly lost art,” Mike Gomez, General Manager of Monostereo, said. “He is the undisputed master of mastering and we’re thrilled to have him as an extended member of our team.”

“I’ve been prepping vinyl masters for decades now, and Monostereo has a true understanding of each step of the vinyl process,” Vlado Meller said. “They’ve grown into one of the most premier vinyl pressing and distribution companies, and it’s an honor to work with them as an official partner along with Truphonic Recording.”

For more information on Vlado Meller, please visit www.vladomastering.com, and for more information on Monostereo Vinyl, please visit www.monostereovinyl.com.

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