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     On April 27, 2011, the iconic rap group Beastie Boys released their eighth and final studio album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.
     Hot Sauce Committee Part Two runs within the vein of a classic Beastie Boys album with energetic rapping, heavy sample use, and lush futuristic production. Creatively, this album stood on its own, separate from the mainstream 808-heavy bravado-driven rap/hip-hop records of its day. The album was mixed/mastered to be played at loud volumes — in order to enjoy the wall of lush sounds being thrown at the listener.
     Our own Vlado Meller was tapped to master this monumental project, and sat with the group all day to put the finishing touches on the album. As Vlado recalls “…They certainly enjoyed the day in my studio and actively participated in the final sound, sequencing, and spacing. Likewise, I enjoyed their company and kept reminding them that they were one of my favorite bands. It was a full day session. The master was approved within a few days.”
     In true New York City/hip-hop style, the official release of the album was live-streamed from the center of the New York Knicks basketball court via a Boombox in Madison Square Garden. When released, the album received high critical acclaim with an overall score of 83 on Metacritic and debuted at #2 on the billboard charts. Due to the untimely passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch on May 4, 2012, this album was the last project for the group.  Since its release, the remaining members, Ad-Rock and Mike D, continue to carry on the Beastie Boys legacy.
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