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Návšteva po rokoch

Návšteva po rokoch

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Peter Lipa (born May 30, 1943) is a Slovak singer, composer and promoter of jazz, often referred to as the Father of Slovak Jazz.

Lipa was born in Prešov, and has mainly worked in Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His roots are blues, soul, and mainstream classical, and his work ranges from jazz standards to funk and rock.

In 2003, he released an album called Beatles in Blue(s) featuring 16 Beatles songs. His interpretations of these songs are very individualistic as he and his arrangers and musicians aimed at creating the most unusual renditions they could imagine. Some songs, such as “Every Little Thing” and “I Wanna Be Your Man”, are recorded so differently from the original versions that only the lyrics remain: in each case, the tempo, rhythm, chord changes and melody are new.