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Pozemski Astronauti

Pozemski Astronauti

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The huge impulse prompting the decision to start the band Nocadeň was a U2 concert, to which brothers Rasťo and Róbert Kopina travelled as far as London. On returning home, they had firmly decided. The only thing missing were additional members, whom subsequently became Boris Mihálik (bass guitar) and Peter Gufrovič (drums) – Rasťo (singing) and Róbert (guitar) having played with the guys in other music formations a little time before.

The official date of the band’s foundation is 25 December 1997 when Nocadeň had their first rehearsal. Before that, however, there had been a three-song-demo which the brothers recorded together with Miro Tásler and Maťo Migaš from the group IMT Smile.