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Across The Map

Across The Map

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WAVE & ROME is a Nashville-based indie rock band led by Sam Tinnesz. The band was created after three years of searching and collaboration with co-writer and co-producer Josh Farro. Having been introduced by a mutual friend, Tinnesz and Farro found an instant creative bond in their musical crossroads. They bonded over a desire to depart from the limitations of any specific genre, leaving past influences and tastes behind.

After immersing themselves in a sea of alternative records, the two emerged with the beginnings of WΛVE & ROME. One song lead to the tracking of five and the Across the Map EP was born. Almost a year after the songs were originally recorded, Tinnesz developed the songs further with producer Matt Bronleewe. The tracks were then mixed by Chad Howatt (Paper Route), who added his unique ear for pushing sonic boundaries.