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Tauren Wells was riding high as the frontman for pop-rock band Royal Tailor, one of the most popular Christian groups of the last decade, when he felt a calling to shift gears.

“It’s easy to step away from things when they’re going poorly, but more difficult to step away when things are going well,” Wells said. “My family was growing and I was really plugged into my local church, and God was leading me to step away from the band dynamic.”

So Wells decided to make a big change and go solo, releasing the Undefeated EP in 2016, leading to his first full-length solo album, Hills and Valleys, an R&B and funk-infused tour de force out now on Reunion Records.

“The album is very diverse, no two tracks sound the same,” Wells said. “I pride myself in that because so many people are just downloading the singles they want, but I like the listener being able to go through all the tracks and hear something different both message-wise and stylistically in the music. I’m proud of it.”

When it came time to finish the record, Wells turned to the mastering ace who had previously worked with Royal Tailor.

“It wasn’t even a point of conversation, my executive producer Jason McArthur and I were just like ‘it’s Vlado,'” Wells said. “The album really opened up when Vlado put his touch on it. He just has such a great way of doing what he does and every time that I’ve worked with him and heard his work, it’s just stellar. Everything is hitting on every level sonically – the lows are warm, the tones are rich. He’s that dude for me.”

Meller had similarly kind words to say on the talent and professionalism of Wells.

“Tauren and Jason McArthur did a wonderful job making this album sound great, and I greatly enjoyed mastering it. I congratulate Tauren on a very successful transition from Royal Tailor to a solo career and look forward to hearing what he has in store for the future.”

For more information on Tauren Wells’ Hills and Valleys, visit http://www.taurenwellsofficial.com

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