Truphonic Recording Studios of Charleston South Carolina (Charleston, SC) is hosting the Vlado Meller Mastering Workshop Series School. An educational program for audio engineer professionals seeking to learn more about the mastering techniques of todays music industry.

World Class Recording – Charleston, SC

Truphonic Recording is a professional recording studio built exclusively to serve recording artists and music professionals from around the world in beautiful Charleston, SC. Designed by renowned studio designer Wes Lachot, Truphonic is a two room, luxurious, private, 3000 sq/ft facility managed by Charleston native Elliott Elsey. Chief Engineer MJ Fick a veteran of The Hit Factory (Miami) and Setai moved to Charleston in 2009 drawn to the city’s sheer beauty and exploding music scene.

Truphonic Recording was designed around two guiding principles: State of the art digital work flow combined with the finest analog gear in the world. Today’s producers and engineers demand the sonic flexibility to fit the artist, not the other way around. Vlado chose Truphonic because wanted to teach his workshop series is a regular, modern recording facility to show how his mastering technics can be universally utilized in most modern studio environments.

We are excited to be a part of Vlado’s Mastering Workshop Series and look forward to hosting you in your visit to Charleston!

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